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Wall stickers removable wall stickers design decals

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* Sticker Quality Standards : All of our wall sticker are put through a toughest testing phase

to ensure they provide the highest durability standards.

* Can be applied on painted walls, doors, glass, any smooth surface they can even be put in area where there is moisture.

* They are easy apply and remove without leaving any type of residue or marks even after being on your walls for years.

* They can be repositioned as many times as is suits you so they are great for renters or when

kids change rooms and want to take their stickers to their new room .

* Our wall stickers last up to 10 years they are highly durable and designed to last for ages.

* With our stickers having a transparent background there are Suitable for walls of any color and won't fade over color types.

* The Material used in our stickers is Plastic heavy duty PVC which has been

designed by special plastic bond double layer to improve lastiblility.

* We only use Child Safe non-toxic Glues in all of our wall stickers products you can be

assured that your little ones are safe from toxic materials.

* When disposing of your wall stickers when they are no longer needed be assured

that our products are environmental-friendly to the green earth we live on.

The best wall stickers on the market

We only source the best materials for our Wall Stickers and we strive to make sure all of our products

are superior in quality and durability.

They have been a lot of poorly made stickers hitting the market in recent

years made with inferior materials that fade and lose their stick after only a few weeks.

Wall Stickers are of the highest detailed design, providing the appearance of a hand painted design on your wall

at super resolution quality. Our designs are all hand painted onto draft they when we are happy

with the final product they are put into our stock. Large wall decals may come in multiple

pieces for the benefit of easy handling and shipping.

We strive to make your living space a creative and inviting place for your kids, friends and family.

Our business developed out of a family meeting without good friends at design international

conference on an design project we were working on. Having worked with small office sticker products,

We already had the skills and experience in the basic sticker creation industry but we did not

know it would it take us into the fantastic business of wall stickers to create our super fund company.

We did a bit of research and found there were not many high quality wall sticker companies offering a large variety at the time.

When our company was set up in 2010 it was merely a side project we were tinkering with and as our online presets grew we soon discovered that this business was a very popular avenue for us.

Now this company has grown to become the largest part of our business lives.

Your kids will love our product range

Our Guarantee of Excellence:

Wall Stickers World values your business, offering a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, the item may be returned in its original packaging within seven days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a freshly plastered the walls please make sure that you have used an undercoat before painting. Clean all surfaces before you apply the wall decals, and make sure the walls have had enough time to dry. Also note we deliver all our wall stickers in mailing tubes so it is best to unroll the wall sticker when you receive it and allow a few hours for your wall sticker to flatten out on the ground before applying it to a wall.

We are proud to announce you can now purchase our wall stickers through EBay.
We have made our wall stickers available through EBay as an alternative purchase method

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